Google Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome, open google search and then type “do a barrel roll”, see what happened 🙂

P/S : Found it while reading people’s blog :p

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Hello world again

How times fly. This is my second post here and its already a year since my last one  \(‘o’)/ Guess we need to wait another year to read another one m(@_@)m
So,what make me wanna write in here again,u might ask. Well,FYI, my company just bought me (i bought it my self then claim it to the company actually :-P) a samsung galaxy tab last two week. While i was window shopping in the android market,i stumble into this wordpress application for android. So,i download it and install it in my (ops,my company’s) galaxy tab. Right now,i’m writing this entry using my galaxy tab. Cut to the chase : Just wanna see how this application works in android generally and galaxy tab specifically p(‘_’)q
Well,thats been said,it does seem a bit relaxing using galaxy tab writing this entry. It feels like u r just sending some msg to ur friends. U can type easily in here,but its quite tricky when it comes to making some adjustmend,due to the limit of the screen n the touch pad rather than old school keyboard and mouse. Maybe it just me,couse i’m still new with this thing (my precious tab?) and still not very familiar with its enviorment. Everyday i find new thing about this galaxy tab,new button,new command, new application etc.
I guess thats all for now as i cant wait to save this entry (need to find the button 1st for that) as i myself havent got a clue on how this will look on net. Maybe now i will write more after this since blogging are now easier with galaxy tab. Till then,adios fellas

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