New Adventure


And now here I am in a new place with a new task adventure (my teachers said that u cant start sentence with an ‘and’ word but I’m not worried about my mark here 🙂 )

Right now I’m in Kuantan working in a construction line as a Project Planner. Its been awhile since i work in a construction site.I wonder if its any different here. Hope I can adapt quickly in this new environment.

Here,I stay in a terrace house in Taman Indera Mahkota with three others co workers. The house consist of three bedrooms and since I’m the last one to arrive,there’s no more room left for me. The only space left for me are the living room. Since its a bit cramp there, I just bought (the company pays of course) myself a mattress for me to sleep on. Its not much but its better than sleeping on the sofa 🙂 It lacks of privacy but I just have to endure it. Life must go on right. Its not the end of the world (just trying to cheer up myself :p )

I’m a bit worried with my new post here,as a Project Planner. I hear that the client are bit fussy ecspecially on the documentation. I’ve been given the task to monitor all the planning and progress of the project which include using the Microsoft Project. I do have some experience on the software but I’m afraid if its not enough for this project. What if they want something that I’ve never incounter before and I cant deliver it! Mind u,I dont receive any proper training using this software.

Wow, quiet a long entry(I must have a lot of free time here 🙂 ). I guess I’m gonna wrap up this entry. I hope that, not only I will survive in this new adventure but excel in it too. Finger cross…..

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Guys Out

Last night i when out with the guys (Faizal,Amir & Fadli) to play some pools. We start our reunion by having dinner first at Uptown,Damansara. We all had western cuisine at The Pirates (i think thats the name of the stall 😛 ) Mine was chicken chop with mushroom sauce.The chicken itself was great but i had problem with the sauce.It seems that the sauce have a corn flavour in it and somehow it doesnt mix (on my taste butt that is). In the end i just eat the chicken without the gravy (i manage to swipe off most of it from the chicken).

After satisfied our appetite,Fadli took us to Kota Damansara to play some pools (Sorry,cant remember whats the name of the place). Its been ages since i played pools (if i’m not mistaken,more than 2 years!!!). Since there are four of us,we decide to play tag team,i’m partnered with faizal and amir with fadli. We had sooo much fun talking,laughing,abusing other team and show off our skill to each other. We played from 11.30pm till 2.30am and manage ourself to a tie result (9-9). We cant decide the tie breaker as the place was closing down. So we just call it a day. Even though we played for 3 hours, our hands and body doesnt feel tired at all,but our mouth,face n voices is. We had so much laughing that we left the place holding our jaws and go back home with sweet memories.

I realise that i should have post some pictures in my every entry to make it look good. Hopefully I will remember to take pictures for my next entry :-p

P/S: Just for the record, Faizal manage to pocket 3 balls in 1 shot. Thats the first time I’ve seen it live in my whole life. Be it just a lucky shot,but it counts and we all ending up congratulating him.

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Fast And Furious 5

I went to see the movie last night at Berjaya Megamall,Kuantan (Why am i in kuantan will b in another post,hopefully ;p )
I must say,its worth it. The movie got it all, unique n hot vehicles, insane hijacking, hot babes (ops :p ), gunfire, nice place, sleep free storyline (mind u,i was very sleepy before the show start but it kept me awake all the way to the end) and a lot more (u need to see it for urself to appreciate it). We dont want to spoil it to those who doesnt see it yet arent we? I know i dont 🙂

As much as i enjoy the movie,i then realised that they were trying too much to put all kind of action in the movie that it forget to focus on the storyline also. Mind you,the action were great awesome,but it took too much space in the movie that they have to sacrifice the storyline. I felt like something missing between the storyline,a bit of there,a bit of here.

But,in the end,i still enjoy the movie and i must say,the action in the movie really make up all the flaw in the movie. Another great action pack movie from the Fast And Furious series (i say the greatest one in the series)

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